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bŏdze’s Ultimate BBL Checklist + Patient Preparation Guide

AKA, bŏdze butt lift™



What’s a BBL? A Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as a BBL is a procedure that improves the look of your buttocks by removing fat from unwanted parts of the body and injecting that fat into the patients hips and/or buttocks to provide a fuller, more lifted appearance.

However, a Brazilian butt lift isn’t a traditional “lift” procedure like a facelift or breast lift- despite its name. A Brazilian butt lift adds volume and improves the shape of your butt, but it won’t improve sagging or excess skin. If you have sagging or excess skin, talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon about a butt lift, also known as a body lift.

How should I prepare:

Here at bŏdze, we have curated two very thoughtful, thorough checklists for our patients. The first list is titled, “standard bbl checklist” and we ask all of our patients to have the items on this list. We would consider these necessary items to have at home while recovering from your brazilian butt lift procedure.

The second list we’ve included, titled, “Luxe List” includes all of the additional items that we feel will enhance your recovery and add comfort to your home and work healing experience.

We recommend printing this list out making sure you take your time preparing for your upcoming procedure. The care you take of yourself post-operatively will directly impact your mind, body, and final result. This may be a sensitive time for some patients- we always encourage you to: ask questions, have a good support system in place, and always be open and honest with your provider.

Standard List:

  • Gauze pads or maxi pads
  • Medical tape
  • A Brazilian butt lift pillow, also known as a BBL pillow
  • Stage one Faja or medical grade undergarment
  • Antiseptic skin cleanser
  • Compression Socks
  • Non-scented body wipes
  • Plastic shower curtain
  • Prescription medications
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Lots of water
  • Vitamin C

Luxe List:

  • Disposable underwear
  • Abdomen board
  • Liposuction foam pads
  • Additional faja(s) or medical grade undergarment(s)
  • Arnica tablets
  • Mattress protector
  • BBL lounger
  • BBL mattress
  • Additional BBL pillow(s)
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Melatonin gummies, with physician approval

Don’t forget to schedule:

  • Pre-operative appointments
  • Aftercare treatments
  • IV therapy treatment(s)
  • Your post operative visits with your surgeon


Here is some more information regarding the details of our standard list of recommended at home items following your Brazilian butt lift procedure. We have also included a link to these items if you prefer to shop online. However, these items are super simple to find at your local convenience store and are inexpensive. We usually tell patients our recommended list of items can easily be found in less than 60 minutes and under $60.


1. Gauze pads or maxi pads:  These will be used to absorb any liquid that may leak from your incisions post-operatively.

Click here to order Gauze Pads

2. Medical tape: This product will be used to hold your gauze pads or maxi pads firmly in place. We recommend the brand, NextCare sensitive skin tape.

Click here to order medical tape

3. Brazilian butt lift pillow: also known as a BBL pillow, will be used to ensure you don’t put any pressure on newly injected fat in your buttocks and/or hips.

Click here to order bbl pillow

4. Stage one Faja: this compression garment will be worn post operatively based on your provider’s instructions. The stage one garment may be sized down if it becomes loose fitting.

Click here to order woman’s fajas

Click here to order men’s fajas

5. Antiseptic skin cleanser: We recommend, Hibiclens

Click here to order Hibiclens

6. Compression socks: may be used after surgery to prevent blood clots developing in the leg, which is known as deep vein thrombosis.

Click here to order Compression Socks

7. Non-scented body wipes: we recommend, WaterWipes Plastic-free XL wipes

Click here to order WaterWipes

8. Plastic Shower curtain: this will be used to protect your vehicle or mattress while you’re draining in the event any liquid soaks through your gauze or maxi pad.

Click here to order shower curtain

9. Prescription medications: These should be reviewed with your provider and called in about a week prior to your procedure. We are partnered with CAPSULE- A Pharmacy that offers complimentary delivery of prescription medications.

Click here to check out CAPSULE PHARMACY

10. Healthy foods and snacks: Here at bŏdze we will provide you with a nutritionist-prepared list of the best foods and menu items to promote a healthy, expedited recovery. Our next blog will have this list so make sure to sign up for our FREE VIP BLOG + EVENT invitation list below.

11. Lots of water: We recommend getting flavored drops if it will help ensure the proper amount of water consumption; we particularly enjoy the Mio brand drops.

Click here to order bottled water

Click here to order Mio Water Drops

12. Vitamin C: We recommend EMERGEN-C, vitamin C Packages- that way you can stay hydrated while getting your recommended 1,000 mg of daily vitamin C.

Click here to order Emergen-C Packs


Here is some more information regarding our extra comfort list of Brazilian butt lift recommend items. We have also included a link to these items if you prefer to shop online as many of the luxury items may not be easy to find in your local convenience store.

1. Disposable underwear: These are a great way to ensure your fancy panties do not get stained during first few days following your procedure where you may experience leaking from your incision sites.

Click here to order womans disposable underwear

Click here to order Men’s disposable underwear

2. Abdomen board: this may be worn in contact with the skin, providing gentle, uniform and continuous compression thus helping to keep the treated area flat.

Click here to order Abdomen board

3. Liposuction foam pads: recovery compression sheet made of medical-grade foam. It provides smooth, uniform pressure over the area(s) that may have received liposuction.

Click here to order Liposuction foam pads

4. Additional undergarment: Following your liposuction procedure your skin will retract and your garment may become loose, at this time you may be encouraged to transition into a smaller, more compressed garment. We also recommend having a couple of extra at home so you don’t have to worry about laundry while recovering from your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Click here to order extra woman’s fajas

Click here to order extra men’s fajas

Arnica tablets: temporarily relieve muscle pain and stiffness; reduces pain, swelling, and discoloration from bruises.

Click here to order Arnica

Mattress protector: We recommend a quality mattress protector when recovering at home to protect your mattress from any stains.

Click here to order Mattress Protector

BBL lounger: a custom-made Brazilian butt lift lounge chair that will make your at home or in office recovery more comfortable. Loungers are usually simple to set up and have the butt area cut-out to ensure no pressure on the newly injected fat and ensuring a comfortable sitting experience. We highly recommend this lounger for patients who are working from home from a laptop.

Click here to order bbl lounger

BBL Mattress- This mattress has the butt cut-out and is recommended for patients that are anticipating difficulty sleeping on their stomach.

Click here to order bbl mattress

Additional bbl pillow(s): To make life a little easier on you, we recommend getting one bbl pillow for at home and one for your car- even one for your office!

Click here to order bbl pillow

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing: We recommend comfortable clothing, buttons or zippers will make it easy, and dark colored clothing is recommended.

Click here to order woman’s pjs

Click here to order men’s Pjs

Melatonin gummies: Melatonin gummies are a type of melatonin supplement formed into soft, chewable gummies. People commonly choose to take melatonin supplements to help them fall asleep. Please consult with your surgeon before taking any supplements or medications.

Click here to order Melatonin Gummies

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