Dr. Eric Khairalla MD

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Dr. Eric Khairalla MD

Dr. Eric Khairalla MD, our brilliant plastic surgeon, has mastered the art of symmetry, balance, and perfect proportions.

He enjoys spending his free time traveling, being by the water, and exploring his new hometown— Tampa Bay!

Featured as a “Top Doctor of Plastic Surgery” in Maryland’s Bethesda Magazine and a distinguished Castle Connelly Top Doctor in the Baltimore-Washington area, Dr. Khairalla received his extensive education and training at the University of Toronto, the top cosmetic surgery program in North America. He has completed Fellowships in Breast and Cosmetic Surgery at both the University of Toronto and the prestigious Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC.

Dr. Khairalla is a specialist, concentrating his talent and training on body contouring, liposuction, body lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, breast augmentations, breast reductions, and abdominoplasty procedures.

He is Board Certified by both the American and Canadian Boards of Plastic Surgery as well as by the American Board of Medicine. He has been awarded America’s Top Plastic Surgeon by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and received the Peoples’ Choice Award for Top Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Emily Devol

Dr. Emily Devol, DO

Dr. Emily Devol always knew she wanted to help people and began manifesting her career as a physician from the age of 14. The morning of her medical school graduation, Emily received a phone call that would change her life forever- she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Three days later Emily had a bilateral mastectomy- a procedure where both breasts are removed at the same time. Dr. Devol describes how she was feeling at this moment- “fearful, vulnerable, angry, and just really sad.”

But our Dr. Devol, is a fighter. She wrestled through 9 surgeries, dozens of treatments, multiple reconstructions, and a handful of complications while undertaking residency.

Emily has dedicated her life to helping men and woman achieve their wellness and aesthetic goals through the art and science of modern medicine. She’s used her experience to empower others to live their life to the fullest.

Today, Emily is Tampa Bay’s number one doctor for cosmetic surgery, face. This incredible honor was awarded by the prestigious TAMPA magazine. Emily is engaged and has a beautiful 2-year-old daughter that’s just as sweet, lively, and captivating as her mommy.

Dr. Robert Miles MD

Dr. Robert Miles, DO

Dr. Robert Roy Miles MD, is the creator of 3D body sculpting and specialized in body contouring procedures.

Dr. Miles has over a decade of experience as a Level III Trauma E.R. Physician and is a highly accredited teaching Physician by the American Medical Association certified class in advanced liposuction. He teaches physicians and surgeons all over the world on the highest quality liposuction procedures for all body types.

With over 20,000 surgery procedures, Dr. Robert Miles is a nationally recognized expert in Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) and liposuction. Dr. Robert Roy Miles’ many affiliations include the American Osteopathic Association, American Society of Liposuction Surgeons, & the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Miles served in the United States Air Force as a flight surgeon, assigned for duty on The United States Air Force One under President George H.W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan. Additionally, he was elected Chief of the Family Practice Department at Northside Hospital and Tampa Bay Heart Institute in the Tampa Bay metro.