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When beauty queen, Miss. Puerto Rico Latin America started exploring board-certified plastic surgeons, bŏdze made it to the top of her list. After a handful of consultations and lots of research, she immediately knew that Dr. Eric Khairalla and the staff at bŏdze plastic surgery center would be the dream team for her breast augmentation procedure. She booked that week!

“Stephanie was very particular with what she wanted. She is incredibly fit and stays very active. She wanted to ensure that her augmentation would not have any negative impact on her lifestyle. From Swimming with sharks, traveling the world, and participating on CBS’s HIT SERIES, Survivor- our patient is a COVER MODEL for a strong, fearless, and confident Latina woman! Every interaction with Stephanie is a dream- she’s so down to earth, sweet, and fun to be around. We absolutely treasure every time she comes in!”

States Nisreen Fernandez, General manager at bŏdze.

“Only waited 10 years to make this decision for ME, myself, and I. After researching FOREVER. Found my perfect place.” States Stephanie in a TikTok post revealing her final result.

A breast augmentation is a decision that bŏdze encourages woman to make for themselves. During the consultation, patients are empowered to direct their surgeon to achieve whatever look they desire. bŏdze plastic surgery is committed to providing the science behind each procedure, delivering realistic expectations, and always being guided by their patient’s expectation.

“I never encourage my patients to get a specific size implant or push them to choose between a breast lift or a breast lift with implants. My job is to serve our patients and honor their individual need.” states bŏdze’s board-certified plastic surgeon, Eric Khairalla, MD.

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