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Great news for our bŏdze family! We’re thrilled to welcome Chelsey Smith, a talented Nurse Practitioner and expert in natural aesthetic enhancements, to our team. Chelsey is passionate about delivering subtle and beautiful results with injectables and non-surgical treatments, and we’re delighted to have her expertise at bŏdze.

Her addition means more diverse options for our clients looking for that perfect, natural look. Chelsey’s approach aligns seamlessly with bŏdze, where we prioritize your individualized care.

In more good news, we’re expanding our hours! Chelsey will be available on Mondays, Fridays, and now Saturdays, a new addition to our schedule. Our doors will be open from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, offering greater flexibility for your weekend plans. Schedule your appointment today!

We’re excited for you to meet Chelsey and explore the range of possibilities she brings to your aesthetic journey. Whether you’re a newcomer to aesthetic treatments or have specific goals in mind, Chelsea is here to guide and assist.

To book an appointment with Chelsey or to inquire more about her services, fill out our consultation form or call us at 813-444-4455. We’re here to help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations.