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We’re excited to share that bŏdze has been prominently featured in TODOS Magazine, recognizing our innovative efforts and dedication in plastic surgery and wellness. This feature celebrates the exceptional level of care we offer at bŏdze in Tampa.

TODOS Magazine, a respected publication covering health and lifestyle, showcases our approach to integrating state-of-the-art technology with a deep commitment to personalized patient care. The article shines a light on the high standards of treatment and service that make bŏdze a leader in the industry.

The magazine specifically applauds Dr. Eric Khairalla and Dr. Robert Miles. Dr. Khairalla, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and Dr. Miles, a nationally recognized expert, ensure that every patient at bŏdze is treated with utmost respect and receives clear, comprehensive care. Our team’s bilingual skills in English and Spanish also enhance each visit, making our services more inclusive.

Our inclusive environment ensures every patient feels valued and understood, contributing to a loyal patient base that not only returns but also recommends bŏdze to others. Testimonials often reflect significant improvements in patients’ self-esteem and life quality, showcasing the transformative experiences we provide.

The article praises our approach to consultations, which we customize for each patient to align perfectly with their personal needs and goals. This tailored care not only helps achieve beautiful aesthetic results but also supports a positive and empowering experience for every patient. We offer a free consultation to start each patient’s journey, allowing for a thorough and informed decision-making process. “Take your time: choosing the right practice is a crucial decision,” we advise all our patients, ensuring they feel supported without pressure.

The recognition in TODOS Magazine is a proud milestone for bŏdze and confirms our leading role in aesthetic medical procedures. It reflects our continuous commitment to not just meeting but exceeding patient expectations in every aspect of their care.

We are proud of this feature and believe it’s an excellent opportunity for new and returning patients to learn more about the cutting-edge treatments and high-quality care we offer. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to experience bŏdze’s commitment to excellence for yourself.