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Choosing the right wrinkle relaxer is crucial for achieving your desired aesthetic results. At bŏdze, our expert providers work closely with you to select the best product tailored to your unique skin type, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle. Whether you are familiar with wrinkle relaxers or exploring them for the first time, we ensure that you are well-informed and comfortable with your choices. Here’s a closer look at three top wrinkle relaxers we offer: Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport.


Botox, developed by Allergan, is the most well-known wrinkle relaxer on the market and was the first botulinum toxin approved by the FDA in 2002. It’s designed with accessory proteins that help stabilize the formula, ensuring its efficacy and longevity. Ideal for those new to wrinkle treatments, Botox takes about two weeks to show full effects, which typically last up to three months. Its long-standing reputation and extensive track record make it a reliable choice for achieving smoother skin.


Merz’s Xeomin is distinguished by its lack of accessory proteins, a feature that reduces the risk of developing antibodies against the treatment, making it an excellent option for regular users. Approved by the FDA in 2011, Xeomin offers a purer form of botulinum toxin. It begins working within a week and also has a three-month duration of effect. Xeomin is particularly suited for individuals looking for a straightforward, effective treatment with minimal additives.


Galderma’s Dysport, approved in 2009, is known for its ability to spread a bit more upon injection, which makes it perfect for treating larger areas where a more subtle diffusion is desired. Like Xeomin, it does not contain accessory proteins and starts to show results within a week. The effects of Dysport are similar in duration to its competitors, lasting about three months. This product is ideal for clients seeking a natural look, especially across extensive areas of the face.

What to Expect and How to Prepare

Your treatment begins with a personalized consultation at bŏdze, where we review your medical history and discuss your aesthetic goals. This conversation helps us tailor the treatment plan to your lifestyle and expectations.

Preparation for Treatment:
  • Avoid alcohol and NSAIDs: It’s recommended to avoid alcohol and NSAIDs like Advil, which can increase bruising, for 48 hours before your treatment.
  • Limit caffeine: On the day of your treatment, try to reduce your caffeine intake to help minimize any potential side effects.
Post-Treatment Care:
  • Stay upright: Post-treatment, staying upright for at least four hours helps prevent the product from migrating.
  • No strenuous activities: Avoid exercises and vigorous activities for 24 hours to ensure optimal results.
  • Gentle face handling: Be gentle with your facial skin to allow the treatment to settle correctly.
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Enhance Your Experience with bŏdze

At bŏdze, we are committed to enhancing your natural beauty with safe, effective treatments and expert care. Whether you opt for Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport, our team is dedicated to helping you make the right choice to achieve and maintain the look you desire.

For those interested in maintaining their youthful look with consistent care, bŏdze offers a Wrinkle Relaxer Club. Members benefit from exclusive pricing with regular treatments, ensuring your skin remains smooth and vibrant. It’s a perfect way to invest in your appearance with the assurance of consistent, high-quality care. Sign up today or ask your provider at your next appointment.