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Choosing the right size for breast implants is a significant decision for anyone considering breast augmentation. At bŏdze, we understand that this choice is highly personal and depends on a variety of factors, including body type, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of selecting the perfect breast implant size.

Understanding Breast Implant Sizing

Breast implants come in a range of sizes, measured in cubic centimeters (cc). The volume of the implant, not the bra cup size, is used to determine its size. Typically, implants range from 100cc to 800cc or more. The choice of size will affect not only the appearance but also the feel and movement of your breasts.



  • Age: 41
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Undisclosed
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Weight: 178
  • Implant Size: 445 cc

Factors to Consider

  1. Body Proportions:
    • Height and Weight: Taller women might prefer larger implants to maintain proportion, while smaller-framed individuals might opt for a modest increase.
    • Chest Width and Breast Base: The width of your chest and the base of your current breasts should guide the maximum width of the implant.
    • Amount of Starting Breast Tissue: The amount of natural breast tissue you have will influence the implant size and type that will best suit your desired look.
  2. Lifestyle:
    • Activity Level: Active women, especially athletes, might choose smaller implants to avoid interference with their physical activities.
    • Personal Style: Your fashion choices and personal style can influence the desired volume and projection of your implants.
  3. Aesthetic Goals:
    • Natural Look vs. Enhanced Look: Decide whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a more pronounced, dramatic change.
    • Shape and Fullness: Consider how much upper pole fullness (the top part of the breast) you want.

Types of Implants

At bŏdze, we use Natrelle implants from Allergan. They come in a variety of different styles and profiles to meet every patient’s individual goals and needs.

  • Saline Implants: Filled with sterile salt water, they offer a uniform shape and firmness. They are inserted empty and then filled once in place, allowing for minor adjustments in size.
  • Silicone Implants: All of our silicone implants are Gummy Bear Implants, a type of silicone implant that maintains shape even when the shell is broken. They offer a natural look and feel with less risk of rupture.


  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Weight: 140
  • Implant Size: 445cc

The Consultation Process

At bŏdze, we ensure that your consultation is thorough and informative. During the consultation:

  1. Medical History Review: Your overall health and any pre-existing conditions will be discussed.
  2. Physical Examination: Measurements of your chest, breast base width, and skin elasticity will be taken.
  3. Discussion of Goals: You’ll talk about your desired outcomes and any concerns you may have.
  4. Implant Sizing: Using sizers, you can visualize different implant sizes to see how they might look on your body.
  5. Incision Placement: We will discuss options for incision placement, such as inframammary fold (IMF) or periareolar, to determine the best approach for your surgery.

Implant Placement and Its Impact on Sizing

  • Submuscular (under the muscle): Implants placed under the chest muscle often provide a more natural slope and less interference with mammograms but might require slightly larger implants to achieve the same apparent size as those placed over the muscle.
  • Subglandular (over the muscle): Placement above the muscle can create more pronounced cleavage and a rounder appearance but might be more visible in thinner women with less natural breast tissue.

Post-Surgery Considerations

Post-surgery, it’s essential to follow your recovery plan, which will include guidelines on physical activity, wearing a support garment, and monitoring for any complications. Breast massages may also be recommended to help maintain the softness and positioning of the implants. The final results will gradually become apparent as swelling decreases and the implants settle.

Look and Feel Your Best

Selecting the right breast implant size is a crucial part of achieving your aesthetic goals. At bŏdze, our team of experts, including Dr. Eric Khairalla and our skilled medical team, will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your choices align with your desired look and lifestyle. Whether you are seeking a subtle enhancement or a significant transformation, we are here to help you look and feel your best.

For a personalized consultation, contact us today, and take the first step towards achieving the perfect balance and proportions you’ve always desired.